Hunting Basics For Women

Hunting as a woman is no different than for men. Before you start hunting, you must be sure to know the basics. The most important thing to know is safety, safety, safety.

1. Get to know your gun. Look for all the locations for controls, know them by heart. The most important control is the safety. Know the feel of the safety when it is engaged vs. unengaged. You must be able to verify that the safety is engaged in the dark, with 100 mile per hour winds with a blindfold on. The last thing you need is to discharge your weapon when you believed it had the safety engaged. It is not a good feeling to discharge the weapon when you believed the safety was on, and it is deadly serious.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. It is vitally important to differentiate between a prey vs. a human. When in doubt, hold your fire. No amount of sorry can bring back a corpse. It is better to loose your game and be sure.

3. Take a Hunter Safety class and get certified in hunter safety. You can find the Hunter’s Safety classes for your state here.

4. With a little practice you can learn to shoot like this!


5. Check out Wikipedia for more information on hunting history.  Click here!

In addition to hunting skills, you will need to learn survival skills. Getreadypreppers features a large collection of survival videos. You may check out the site here.